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Sphinx SDP Production Black 9mm. Manual Safety

SPHINX SDP Production Black is the aluminum frame version of the Production line up. The Steel and aluminum hybrid construction offer the best balance of recoil mitigation and maneuverability. Production line pistols were designed specifically for production class competition and feature speed shooting enhancements that aren’t found on the SDP Standard. The front sight is negatively angled towards the rear to eliminate glare. The rear sight is adjustable and the standard safety lever has been replaced with a larger one to provide a thumb platform for the shooting hand. Additionally, the trigger is pre-tuned from the factory to be lighter and smoother for fast and accurate follow up shots. Other features will be similar to that of the SDP Standard. The longer barrel and pistol grip provide accuracy and a higher magazine capacity over other SDP models. The steel slide is machined from billet and is hand fitted to mate perfectly with the interior, full length guide rails, of the billet aluminum frame. The aluminum pistol grip features interchangeable back-straps to adjust length and width of the grip, the grip inserts are specifically designed to maximize contact with the support hand for added control. Also for added control, the high trigger guard shape and beaver tail allow for high hand placement on the pistol frame to compliment the low bore axis of the barrel, which allow the shooters to easily manage recoil. A Picatinny rail on the frame allow for the addition of modern tactical shooting accessories. The front and rear cocking serrations offer different options of firearm manipulation. Every component of the SDP Production is manufactured to the highest standards and tolerances are extremely tight. The SDP Production is closest in design to its predecessor, the famous SPHINX 3000 race pistol, and is the only choice for discerning competition shooters with the will to win.

Pistolen er godkendt i IPSC Produktions klassen.

Leveres i plastkuffert med 2 magasiner, 3 udskiftelige grebsstørrelser i small, medium og large, en magasinlader, lidt rensegrej og manual.

Sphinx SDP Production kal. 9 mm. Pris 15.980,-
Pibelængde 12 cm. Totallængde 21,3 cm. Vægt 1.019 gram.


Caliber9x19 mm.
Totallængde213 mm.
Højde144 mm.
Brede35 mm.
Vægt929 gram.
Pibelængde120 mm.
Sigte radius165 mm.
SigteForNegativ vinklet jern korn.
 BagJern justerbar visir.
AftrækDA/SA aftræk med dobbeltside sikring.
Aftræk vægtSA: 1.8 kg ca.
 DA: 4.2 kg ca.
Slæde materialeStål
Slæde finishSort PVD Coating
Ramme materialeØverst delHard anodiseret aluminium
 Neders delHard anodiseret aluminium
Grebincl. finger riller
Udskiftelig grebs delPolymer base med gummigreb.
StørrelseSmall, Medium, Large
Magasin udløserhøjre/venstre - flytbar
Magasin kapasitet17

Pris: 15.980,-
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